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South East Asia Yacht Charter

A life changing experience to say the least, South East Asia is a fascinating destination filled with adventure and charm. Unique beyond belief, these destinations are exotic and thrilling. With endless amounts of deserted beaches, turquoise calm waters, and the contrast of a bustling city centers, these destinations are everything you want and more. In a luxury yacht charter, you have the advantage of finding undiscovered destinations along your journey. The captain will lead you to safe anchorages in some of the most untouched locations in South East Asia where you can walk the palm tree lined beaches in complete solitude. From the remote islands of Thailand, the coastal country of Vietnam to the constellation of the Philippines, South East Asia is a hub of culturally rich destinations.

Destinations in South East Asia

Yachts available in South East Asia

Mia Kai

Mia Kai

  • 29,50 m.
  • 23 People
  • 4 Cabins
  • 2007 .

Rate from 58.700 €/Week

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