Costa Rica

Costa Rica Yacht Charter

Adventure, relaxation, fascination. Costa Rica is a wonderland of natural beauty. Costa Rica has more than 800 miles of gorgeous shoreline divided between the Caribbean coast and Pacific coast to explore. With a luxury charter yacht, you have the freedom to explore Costa Rica at your own pace. With their picture-perfect beaches and slowed down pace of life, you will truly live the pura vida. The locals of Costa Rica, the Ticos, are certainly one of the most appealing parts of your time there. You will be greeted by a smile and their friendly nature everywhere you turn.

With nearly 30% of the country made up of national parks and wildlife reserves, wildlife defines Costa Rica. Some of their most famous species include monkeys, scarlet macaws, blue morpho butterflies, sloths and humpback whales. Stand on board your yacht on the sundeck to see the beauty of the humpback whales up close and personal as they dance across the oceans.

Nature lovers will be absolutely blown away by the amount of adrenaline pumping adventures. Perhaps white water rafting will be of interest to you, scaling down a waterfall at a volcano national park or soar above the jungles on a zip line. If you wish, soar above the jungle on a zip-line canopy tour in Monteverde, trek beneath the active volcano of the arenal volcano. For water sport lovers, go windsurfing on the hot spot of Lake Arenal.

No other place on earth contains such a diverse terrain and an amazing natural attractions in such a small place such as Costa Rica. Living by a pura vida will not only be an experience on Costa Rica, but easily become a lifestyle.

Yachts available in Costa Rica



  • 76,60 m.
  • 18 People
  • 9 Cabins
  • 1999 Amels

Rate from 645.000 €/Week



  • 86,00 m.
  • 24 People
  • 19 Cabins
  • 1998 Devonport

Rate from 495.000 €/Week

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