Antarctica Yacht Charter

Otherworldly and magnificent, the Continent of Antarctica is a destination where the wilderness is abundant and the whiteness of the snow topped glaciers is unimaginable. A yacht charter is the perfect way to explore Antarctica, giving you the freedom to cruise through the winding glaciers and take in the beauty of the nature up close and personal. The high season to visit Antarctica is between the months of November and March, when temperatures are slightly higher and there are over 20 hours of sunshine a day, which allows for longer cruising time. Blanketed with ice and largely unspoiled by humans, the pristine land of Antarctica offers some of the most beautiful sights in the world. Whale watching is one of the most spectacular phenomenons to witness while cruising through Antarctica. Make sure to look out for penguin colonies diving off the glaciers into the depths of the deep blue and the herds of seals moving gracefully on both land and in sea. The alluring icebergs are a magnificent sight to see, with their towering size high about the sea level. Antarctica is a dreams for the lovers of outdoors, with its plentiful amount of wildlife and glorious glacier structures.

Cruising amongst the towering icebergs and explore the magnificent winter wonderland of Antarctica. In complete solitude, you can truly experience the beauty of this continent on your own terms. Make your way over to Deception Island, which is known as one of the most incredible sites in the world. This horseshoe shaped island is located a quick cruise off the peninsula, adorning an active volcano with breathtaking sites of glacier scenery. Cruising south, we will find the Lemaire Channel, which is highlighted by it’s rugged coastline of the Booth Island where you can cruise past the famous Kodak Gap. Antarctica is truly a destination that easily exceeds all expectations and guarantees a once in a lifetime opportunity to view one of the last untouched parts on the planet. The southernmost point of the world is nothing short of a dreamlike destination, providing you a vacation which you will cherish forever.

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