Africa Yacht Charter

When you think of a yacht charter destination, perhaps Africa is not the first destination that comes to mind. Although, we have plenty of reasons why it should be. Solely the immense size of this continent is absolutely unimaginable. With its endless rugged coastlines, lush forests, golden deserts and rolling mountain ranges, this wild destination guarantees a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore the undiscovered. 

Starting from the south, the coast of Southern Africa is renowned for its temperate waters and favorable climate. With year round warmth, you are guaranteed perfect beach weather no matter the season. Disembark to indulge in the fascinating culture of the African coast first hand. Cruise along the coastline of the Atlantic to witness the glowing golden sunsets that reflect off the turquoise waters. Southern Africa is embraced by the Indian Ocean, which is renowned for the most extraordinary cruising grounds in the world. Marvel at the pure natural beauty of the coastline or visit the neighboring islands such as the intriguing island nation of Madagascar. Abundant of unparalleled sights and natural beauty, North Africa will easily be a destination beyond your expectations. Delve deep into their unique culture by interacting with the friendly locals and the vast endangered wildlife that call this beautiful continent home. Take a jeep out to the north african desert of Namib or the Sahara, where you will be greeted by the local inhabitants with a smile. Retreat back to the water where you can continue to cruise throughout the Red Sea, jump off board to discover the incredible coral life that exists below sea level. Through discovering Africa by charter yacht, you will surely have the experience of your life.

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