Southern Africa

Southern Africa Yacht Charter

With vast open plains, and abundance of wildlife encounters and iconic scenery, Southern Africa does not disappoint. The expansive African continent is otherworldly, with its rugged coastlines, rich golden sands, sheltered forests and mountain ranges- which are guaranteed to delight the soul. Revel in the pebbly shorelines, sunlit beaches and magnificent island retreats of this gorgeously bronzed continent and you will understand why this is the dream destination. With a coastline of 3000 km, embraced by the Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean, Southern Africa provides some of the most extraordinary cruising grounds where visitors can marvel at the astonishing coastlines of South Africa. With unparallelled sights, this destination offers an intriguing abundance of rugged coastline, golden sandy beaches, lush forest, and towering mountain ranges. Sailing down the coastline at sunset to soak in the beauty of this intriguing nation, defined by its unparalleled sights.

Along with the gorgeous coastlines and bountiful biodiversity, Africa has a breathtaking ambience. South Africa, the country located in the southernmost point of the region, captures the beauty of Africa through its geographical wonders and metropolitan bustle. The Table Mountain is easily the highlight of the country, towering high over the city center. For the adventurous souls, perhaps a mountain hike will satisfy, where you can take in the fascinating views of the Atlantic and Indian Ocean.

Africa’s lesser known wonder, the island of Mozambique, is located off Africa’s southeastern coast. With shorelines of untouched islands of powder white sands and lines of palm trees, this island is a stark contrast to the metropolitan vibe of South Africa. Small fishing towns with brightly dressed locals, fisherman reeling in the days catch to the local seafood shacks, and locally produced vibrant textiles hang in the wind, this island is truly something special. Take some time to dive below the surface and instantly admire the sealife diversity.

Cruising along the Mozambique channel, you can easily reach Madagascar Island, a dream location for those in search of unworldly nature and wildlife. The eclectic landscape of the island makes it feel so remote that exploring it by yacht is the best way to take in all its wonder. With endless fauna, a ravishing national park, eclectic wildlife and beaches that feel like a desert upon a shore, you can soak up the sun digging your toes in the soft sands.

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