Belize Yacht Charter

Natural beauty and culturally rich, Belize is everything you would expect from a journey of this region. Flooded in rich jungles, and golden sand beaches, this peaceful environment of Belize is the perfect destination to explore by luxury charter yacht. Endless coastlines and protected anchorage spaces, you will be impressed by the natural beauty that defines Belize. The iconic Great Blue Hole, the giant marine sinkhole off the coast of Belize is a spectacular sight to see and one of the top 5 scuba diving sites in the world. With its vast variety of sea life, to the smatterings of ancient Mayan ruins scarring the shorelines.

Historically rich, Belize is brimming with Mayan Ruins. A cradle of ancient civilization, Belize has more ruins than any other country on earth. With a severely low population density, there is very little industrial development. Therefore, this has allowed for an abundance of wildlife to flourish. From rainforests to the jungles, Belize protects the marinelife and wildlife quite well. Home to the world’s sole jaguar preserve, there are plenty of opportunities to get up close and personal with some stunning animals. 

As far as the beaches go, while not plentiful, they  are spectacularly beautiful and uncrowded. With crystal clean turquoise colored waters and on the edge of rainforests, some of Belize’s beaches are absolutely breathtaking. Even during the winter months, you can expect sunshine and warm waters perfect for taking a dive in. Off the coast, you will be greeted by dozens of tiny uninhabited islands and atolls stretching across the water. On a luxury charter yacht, you have the freedom to explore these islands and make them your own private getaway. From the history, the culture, to the sparkling sea and year round sunshine, Belize is a spectacular destination to explore by luxury charter yacht.  

Yachts available in Belize



  • 76,60 m.
  • 18 People
  • 9 Cabins
  • 1999 Amels

Rate from 625.000 €/Week



  • 86,00 m.
  • 24 People
  • 19 Cabins
  • 1998 Devonport

Rate from 455.000 €/Week

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