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Admire Ibiza and the Balearic Islands on board of Monara

Monara mixes the tradition of the 60s with the latest technology

Feadship is one of the Internacional references. Its prestigy has been the key to be a very appreciated brand in the building and repairing of boats sector, and very valued  in the charter of luxurious yachts. With a naval tradition, and experience of many years, this Dutch shipyard was set up from the union of the shipyards of Van Lent and De Vries families, creating the first cooperation of shipyards in Holland in 1949.

Monara: tradition, luxury and technology linked in perfect harmony

This association built Monara in 1969. This yacht of 26 meters of length is available for chartering in the Balearic Islands with it’s base in Ibiza. Her maintenance is excellent, due to a total refit between 2012 and 2016. Five years ago, Monara was in a desolated state. Her new owner took the decision of carrying the yacht to Holland for being totally refitted by Feadship shipyard.

The hull was completely modified, while two Gardner engines were sent to England for being repaired. Nowadays, Monara is in perfect conditions. Except the steering wheel and part of the cover, all the yacht has been completely refitted and modernized.

Her exterior and interior design mix Dutch and Italian style because of the union between Feadship and the Italian designer Carlo Riva. As well, chartering this yacht will let you experience a combination between tradition and modernity and the latest technologies. During her refit, Monara kept some original elements of the first yacht. The experience of a captain sailing with a classic steering wheel is very recommendable and very nice to watch. With two electrical stabilizers of MATN'S reducing the swing, there is no worries to have about the state of the sea while you are enjoying lunch. Based in a dynamic principle, the rotation of a disc at 2000, 5000 or more RPM produces an angular moment, controlled by an hydraullic cylinder, manipulated by a computer located in the control panel. This angular moment allows the rotation shaft to maintain the boat in a vertical position, instead of the wind or the bad state of the sea. 

The ideal yacht for chartering in the Balearics

With a capacity of 8 guests in 4 double cabins during night, and 12 passengers during the day, Monara is the ideal charter yacht for relaxing during your holidays. She has a cruising speed of 8 knots to discover without stress all the Balearic Islands. On board, you will have lots of equipment and entertainments. In addition exclusive services of a Captain, Deckhand, Chef and a Hostess, Monara has a dining room in cover with a capacity of 8 passengers, as well as sunbeds.

Her interior design has a living room fully equipped with avant-garde sofas to relax and socialize. All the cabins and living rooms are equipped with television, audio system and WIFI, to enjoy a nice movie, music of chat with your friends. The connection is available in the entire vessel.

Furthermore, you will have multiple toys like tender, ski, snorkelling and fishing equipment. All the necessary amenities for having unforgettable holidays in the crystalline water of the Balearic Islands.

Feadship: More than hundred years through history

Talking about Feadship is talking about pure history. Holland is well known for being one of the biggest maritime powers in the colonial years, with a big presence in the British East India Company since XVI century. The beginnings of the company where in 1849, when Akerboom family bought a little shipyard in the Dutch coast for building and repairing yachts. In 1927 they joined with Van Lent family to create the brand, and in 1949 with De Vries family.

The hard economic situation in Europe, because of the Second World War, obligates Feadship to look for customers in United States, a country that took advantage of the European situation through Marshall’s Plan. Her presence in the American continent was exponentially increased. In 1951, in a naval event in New York, Feadship made himself known. The American influence, through personalities like Henry Ford and Malcom Forbes, benefits the company and quickly, they modernized his product. They completely left the production of yacht with wood hull, and they increased the different lengths. Afterwards, since 60’s, Feadship was a prestigious company.

Due to the hard economical situation in Europe after the Second World War, it lead Feadship to look for customers in the United States. A country that took advantage of Europe's economical situation in the Marshall plan’s. Their presence in America was exponentially increased. In 1951, during a naval event in New York, Feadship made themselves a name. The American influence, through personalities like Henry Ford and Malcom Forbes, benefited the company and quickly, they modernized their products. They left a part the production of woodhull's and focused on more modern materials. And also proposing different lengths of their yachts. After making themselves a name through years, Feadship has been and is considered as a prestigious company since the early 60’s.

In the 80’s, they perfected the different exterior designs to complete their expansion in the 90’s. Nowadays, more than half of a century after, the initial values of Feadship are completely valid. For the Dutch shipyard, following the customer necessities is one of their basic principles. They believe that a yacht is something personal and personalized. Therefore, every project begins on a blank sheet. Every customers have a ‘’carte blanche’’ to create whatever they desire. The aim is to give a unique yacht with a new craftsmanship, design, engineering and building concept. From the brand, they always say that there are yacht, and there is Feadship, one of the references in the luxurious yacht chartering.