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Charter&Dreams is corporative member of MYBA

Be member of MYBA guarantees quality and comfort in your service

Charter&Dreams has been chosen to be part of MYBA (Worldwide Yachting Association), the best association in the world in management, building and purchase of yacht, as a cooperative member providing professionalism and quality service in the yacht chartering industry.

What is MYBA?

MYBA is a global association in the yachting industry, created in 1984 by a group of brokers, with the aim of promoting high quality, professionalism and ethic standards in the companies that work in the sector of chartering, selling or managing ships.

With more than 30 years of experience, MYBA has achieved to have a notable role and influence in the companies of the sector because of a really competitive and professional team that are involved with brokers, charterer, technical managers and construction of large boats. As well, this association works very close with Government Organisations, Coastguards, the International Maritime Organisation, Licensed Marine Underwriters, Insurance Companies and Lawyers.

Another of its goals is reducing the commercial conflicts that can be present on the yacht market. In 1988, the first MYBA agreement was signed. It protects the customer and broker before, during and after every charter. For the creation of this first agreement, a meditation on professional common practices and regulations agreed by the different parties of the conflict has taken place, in order to find a common path to reach a worldwide industry standard for rules and regulations.

In the interest of guaranteeing a service with the maximum possible quality, and with the goal of being able to evaluate it, MYBA also organises competitions like the election of the best charter chef, and different events where the brokers and managers could discover the newest trends on the market of chartering. The next events are planned to be in Montenegro and Monaco next September.

The benefits of being part of MYBA

Being part of MYBA insures quality services, extra trust and recognition between brokers, customers and owners, which makes the difference between a member and the crowd of other luxury yacht chartering companies. The high quality standard that are demanded by MYBA to enter to the association guarantees that all its members offer high quality and comfort services to their customers.

MYBA also reduces unfair competition between brokers and members, since they signed the first version of MYBA sales and purchase memorandum of agreement (MOA). Also, MYBA is a meeting point between brokers and companies. Being part of this association allows you to enter to a database of 1500 yachts all over the world, since 1998. It offers the best boats in the best destinations to your customers.

This association, with their head office in France, organises the biggest events in the world related to yacht industry. All its members are accepted automatically. One of the most known is MYBA Charter Show, whose last edition was in the exclusive One Ocean (Port Vell) in Barcelona the last April, after being during 28 consecutive years in Geneva. Charter&Dreams participated in this event with three of their yachts: Lex of 26m, Semaya 31m and Takara 38m.

Being admitted in MYBA is very difficult

Being admitted in MYBA is not something easy. You have to show a big experience in the sector. Nowadays, this association only has 118 cooperative members and 189 individual members all over the world.

Before being a cooperative member of MYBA, you have to be YachtFolio Subscriber, where you can apply only after a minimum of two years of experience in the sector. In this step, you must confirm that you respect MYBA regulations and you have worked promoting the guidelines of this association in your contracts, during this minimum duration. When this criteria has been respected, only then you will be able to request the access to MYBA membership.

The previous documents and an exam are the final steps that will decide your admission to the MYBA association. “Being part of MYBA is equivalent to upgrade an ISO but in a company”, says Judith Estrella, co-founder of Charter&Dreams with her partner Joan Farell, the only company with Spanish parterns and capital.