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Pershing, the super sport yacht of the sea for discovering Ibiza and the Balearic Islands

Ace is their last wonder for sailing around the Balearic Islands this summer

Pershing has been grown as one of the references in the sector of luxurious yacht chartering, part of the company of Ferretti Group. Nowadays they have almost 3000 workers and a capital of more than 700 millions of euros. With more than 30 years of history, this Italian shipyard is defined for its aggressive, exclusive, differential character. In a few words, the super sport yacht of the sea.

Pershing 90 ACE, the last Ferrari of the sea

Her last wonder is known as ACE. This yacht of 28 meters of length is available for chartering in the Balearic Islands with its home berth in Marina Botafoch (Ibiza). She defines perfectly the values of Pershing, known as “Ferrari of the Sea”. Aggressive, elegant and fast, with a maximum speed of 45 knots, chartering this yacht will allow you to discover the most secrets hotspots of the Balearic Islands. Also, ACE has an aerodynamic profile covered by a spectacular silver colour, giving an aggressive character to her exterior design.

This yacht, built in 2009 and available for chartering in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, takes care of every detail. With a capacity of accommodation of 8 guests during night in 4 cabins, the design of ACE was made by Fulvio de Simoni, one of the most important designers of Italy. During the day, this boat has capacity for 12 people. The cover, like a loft, has a dining area and solarium. Ideal for sunbathing, relaxing or organise a lunch with privileged views. Furthermore, she has a wide flybridge and a swimming area at your disposal.

On board, you will have a personal Captain, devoted and with a lot of experience in the Balearic Islands, and a very professional Deckhand and Chef. Multiple watersport equipments will be available for you on board. Explore the Formentera sea with a seabob or a snorkeling equipment, and cruise the crystal clear waters of Ibiza with a jet ski or a tender.  

If the aggressive design of her exterior is the main characteristic, the interior of ACE is absolutely different. Harmonious design and ingenious space logistic, she will give you the maximum comfort and luxury. With its specificities and particular characteristics, ACE is one of the most recommendable yachts to charter for the Balearic Islands.

Another options of Pershing for chartering in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands

Moreover, Pershing has other advisable yacht for chartering in Ibiza. Pershing 72 is the main protagonist. With 22 meters of length and a capacity of accommodation of  6 people in 3 suited cabins and 9 during the day, Shalimar has its home berth in Marina Ibiza, the most exclusive home berth of the entire island. On board, you will find multiple water equipments, and excepcional services by the Captain, Deckhand and Chef.

Another Pershing 72 yacht, known as Sensation and available for chartering in Ibiza and the Balearic Islands, has a capacity of 10 people during the day and 6 during the night, accommodated in three double cabins at night. With home berth in Marina Botafoch, this luxurious yacht has multiple water equipments, and two professionals on board with a wide knowledge of Ibiza and Formentera here to satisfy all your necessities. A brilliant design and a futurist style are her main characteristics.

Chartering Pershing yachts is chartering exclusivity. According to the company, their boats aren’t driven; they are piloted like a fighter jet or a racing car. The Italian shipyard connects the traditional with the futurist, supported by the Chinese vision of the Weichai group, that in 2012 became the major shareholder of Ferretti Group. While the majority of companies choose between comfort or speed, Pershing perfectly connects both principles in their designs.

Thanks to its futurist choices, they are pioneer in the use of technology. One of their big revolutions, according to the designer Fulvio de Simoni, was their arch shaped profiles, choosing a more aerodynamic concept, and the similarities with what is used in other sectors such as the aviation. Every yacht of Pershing is completely different to the previous one in terms of design and comfort. They are always one step ahead. The use of hydraulic doors, her aggressive design in the hull or the innovation in the optimization of the space are only a few characteristics thats show the prestige of Perishing.

The technological innovation, and personalization of every yacht gives our customers a large variety of choice. The exclusive Italian design, the high speed, the aggressive exterior (appropriated to planes or formula 1), the comfort and  the luxurious interiors are only a small part of the whole package Perishing offers. Choosing perishing to explore the Balearic Islands and Ibiza will make you discover the islands a different way. Choosing Perishing is choosing to have unforgettable holidays.  

The vibrant history of Pershing

Furthermore, despite Pershing was created in 1985, coinciding with the apparition of the first mobile phone, Internet or the film “Return to the future”, its vibrant history begins so far away. The name Pershing is inspired by the general John Joseph Pershing. He was an American General that had a high influence in the First and Second World War.

His name was so rewarded that a nuclear missile was named after him as well, MGM-31 Pershing. Pershing's aim was to stop the movement of the URSS army to any OTAN country during the Cold War.  Later on the Pershing II substituted MGM-31 with a scope of 750 nautical miles. In 1989 the missiles were forbidden, coinciding with the fall of the Berlin wall, and the end of the Cold War between the URSS and the United States.

Besides the tanks and the military boots, General Pershing has been an inspiration for this Italian shipyard, therefore they decided to express through their luxurious yachts the aggressivity, speed and invincible character of the United States. More than 30 years after the fondation, Perishing is still one of the pioneers in the Luxury yacht charter industry.