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The 10 best islands of the Caribbean Sea to discover on board of a catamaran

You have at your disposition multiple catamarans for sailing around the Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Sea is one of the most popular destination for chartering in the world. Its fantastic weather allows you to travel there all year long, and to enjoy its paradisiac bays that offer privacy, comfort and a wide variety of exclusive beach clubs. That are the main arguments for chartering a luxurious yacht in the Caribbean islands.

If you are thinking about having exotic holidays around the Caribbean Sea on board of a yacht, we recommend you the ten best destinations to enjoy with total luxury:

Bimini Islands

The Bimini Islands are ideal for satisfying all customers necessities. Formed by three islands in the Bahamas, each proposes different services and attractions. The privacy is guaranteed for relaxation and sunbathing.

The crystalline water of Bimini Islands is perfect for swimming and exploring the the sea bottom, snorkeling or scuba diving. As in Es Vedra in Ibiza, there is believes that this location was home of the Atlantis the city of the Atlantic civilization and therefore is inhabited by a special energy.

One of the most recommendable excursions is to The Healing Hole. This lake of freshwater is only available with tender and has some mineral properties like sulphur and lithium with great properties for people swimming there.  

Caty Cay Island

Caty Cay Island is considered the main entry point to the Bahamas. One island where you will find privacy from your luxurious yacht to enjoy the landscapes, with a great lunch prepared by your personal chef. Swimming is very comfortable due to the many bays with no depth.

Its privacy is perfect for enjoying a good cocktail or a dinner in the exclusive nautical restaurant, located on the beach front, while you admire the spectacular sunsets of the Caribbean Sea.

British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are considered as the capitals of the Caribbean Sea in the yachting world. Its paradisiac bays have lots of caves to explore with your tender. Inside, you will find little deep sea for snorkeling and discovering the Caribbean marine fauna.

This place is very calm because of the ‘’Francis Drake channel’’ who is calming the usually agitated water down through channels. In the bay of Jost Van Dyke you will find the exclusive Soggy Dollar Bar where you will have the chance to try its famous cocktail Painkiller prepared with a mix of Pusser Ron, orange juice, coconut cream and nutmeg.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines offer lots of points for anchoring your yacht and enjoying this volcanic and tropical paradise in the centre of the Caribbean Sea. This group of islands mixes excursions and water activities.

Enjoy of the sea bottom with the snorkeling and scuba diving equipment in Tobago Cays Marine Park, where you also can do other water sports like wakeboard or paddle surf. Moreover, you can disembark and discover Saint Vincent and the Grenadines from the heights visiting La Soufriere volcano in the amazing Bequia.

Leeward Islands

Located 90 miles to the east of Bahamas, Leeward Islands is rich of history and is very relaxing for its visitors. European colonial islands in the XVIII century, this group of islands are ideal for who wishes to discover bays. One of the favourite routes of the visitors is the way from Saint Martin to Saint Bart around Anguilla.

Anchor your yacht in Colombier, in the glamorous island of St. Bart, and enjoy a swim and a relaxing day on your yacht sunbathing. Another of the big attractions of the Leeward Islands is the vibrant market of Creole in Marigol, the capital of St. Martin Island.

Gran Caiman

One of the biggest advantages of Gran Caiman islands is its closeness with the United States, if you want to mix a charter in the Caribbean Sea with a visit to the powerful America this is your spot. Furthermore, Miami is located at only one hour and a half with your private jet if you wish to visit this location as well.

In Gran Caiman you will find places for relaxing, or for sportive people who want to take advantage of the big waves that you will find. Surf lovers are welcome in Seven Mile bay. During the first hours of the day, paddling or enjoying a relaxing trip in kayak are the best morning activities under the warm sun.

Don’t miss the opportunity to meet the sea turtles living on the islands. In Gran Caiman you will also find the popular restaurant of chef Federico Desto. Dine and enjoy a great evening in Ragazzi or Luca two very recommendable spots.


Guadalupe Island has an important French influence because of the French colonies a few centuries ago. Despite that, it is the perfect definition of a Caribbean Island. Anchor in Gosier Island and Marie-Galante which will give you total privacy for sunbathing, relaxing and swimming.

History lovers must anchor in Las Saintes to enjoy a sea day, before visiting Napoleon fort in the afternoon. In Porstmouth and Dominica, you will find a fantastic itinerary to discover the Indian Riviera.

Saint Martin

Saint Martin Island is able to offer you different cultures. One half of the island is French whereas the other half is Dutch. With the capital in Phillipsburg, it’s an island free of taxes so it’s ideal for shopping after enjoying its beautiful bays like Anse or Colombier.

Grand Case is known as the gastronomic capital of the Caribbean there you will find exclusive restaurants to dine with total comfort. Later, you can burn calories in Sydney’s Peace or Love Disco, ideal for partying, like there is no tomorrow.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, one of the Spanish Virgin Islands, has an ideal location for chartering a luxurious yacht. Connection between the United States and some Caribbean islands like British Virgin Islands. And where you will as well find many islands and bays to discover.

Palomino Island, Culebra and Vieques are ideal to do water sports, relaxing, sunbathing and admiring the splendid sunsets only available in the Caribbean Sea.


It’s the ideal chartering destination for explorers. Belize has more than 200 islands to discover with your luxurious yacht and enjoying them from a privileged position. Ambergris bay and Moho bay are two of the most recommendable between the hundred of islands.

Furthermore, fishing lovers will find multiple locations that are ideal to fish with total comfort from your boat or your tender.

The ideal catamarans to enjoy the Caribbean Sea

If you want to discover your favourite spots in the Caribbean Sea with total comfort, you have at your disposition multiple catamarans between 15 and 25 meters of length with capacity of 8 and 10 people during day and night.

On board, you will have an exclusive service from a crew that will take care of every detail for you to live the best possible charter experience. Also, you will have at your disposition a complete equipment of toys to do water sports.

The Caribbean Sea is the ideal place for chartering luxurious yachts and fall in love while you live unforgettable holidays. Its quantity of charming spots makes it impossible to discover it in only one year. The Caribbean's, is place to return year after year.