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Papua New Guinea

       A truly remote location, Papua New Guinea makes an incredibly thrilling location for a yacht charter vacation. Located just north of the continent of Australia, this remote island is everything you wish for and more. With a heavy tribal presence, you will get the opportunity to experience their distinct cultures first hand.

With jungles, ocean views, an active volcano, and WWII bunkers, you can feel the energy of its true past and the beauty of its natural surroundings. After exploring the coast, you can climb the active volcano, Mount Tavurvur, which has stained the coastal water different shades of vibrant colors. You can witness the volcano steaming gently or occasionally belching huge plumes of smoke into the blue sky.

Cruise around the Duke of York Islands, where you can explore the caves and hidden waterfalls near Pomio, well known for their with the Mengen tribe within the Baining Mountain range. Watch how the local tribes fend for themselves by learning how to spearfish or forage for survival. The islands also serve as a great setting for enjoying the water toys provided or just sit back and relax onboard while taking in the views.

Cruise over to The Coral Triangle, home to 60% of the coral species in the Indo-Pacific Ocean, Kimbe Bay offers a diverse hotspot perfect for diving adventures with great ecological diversity. The Garu Wildlife offers a variety of beautiful species to explore and see. If you need the time to relax, it's well worth dipping your toes in the Garu Hot Springs where waters are comfortably warm to swim in and you can find a mini-waterfall that is directly connected to the volcano. The Asaro Valley is home to the Asaro Mudmen, an indigenous tribe that is rooted in a deep history of black magic. Named after the way they decorate themselves, the Asaro Mudmen are a very welcoming tribe that loves to entertain visitors. They will even offer a Mumu feast, where we will delight in the local food, music, and sounds of their indigenous lifestyle.

Papua New Guinea is everything but the usual. Taking a yacht charter vacation on this unique destination can only be considered a once in a lifetime opportunity where the locals will always greet you with a smile and you will instantly feel a sense of adventure and wonder.

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