January 22nd 2016

The best 10 yachts for discovering America

Yachting in Caribbean

The best 10 yachts for discovering America

Christopher Columbus salied until America with the ships La Pinta, La Niña and Santa Maria. Charter&Dreams offers you 10 more comfortable and luxurious alternatives for enjoying the Caribbean during your winter holidays:


1. Catamaran Lagoon NANA - 16 meters

6 passengers, 2 crew - From 14.200€/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/196-yacht-charter-barcelona-Lagoon-500

High quality-price relationship. Flexible pricelist according to the number of guests (2-4-6 pax).


2. Catamaran Lagoon OCEAN VIEW - 19 meters

6 passengers, 2 crew - From 24.000$/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/299-yacht-charter-barcelona-Lagoon-620

New 2014, unique design done by the prestigious Van Peteghem-Lauriot Prévost. Flexible pricelist according to the number of guests (2-4-6 pax).


3. Catamaran Victoria MAGEC - 20 meters

8 passangers, 3 crew - From 28.000€/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/270-yacht-charter-barcelona-Victoria-67-Maestro

New 2014. Excellent chef and crew onboard. Great option for enjoying the Caribbean with Mediterranean food onboard.


4. Catamaran Sunreef LEVANTE - 24 meters

10 passengers, 4 crew - From 50.000$/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/298-yacht-charter-barcelona-Sunreef-80-

Recent customer feedback: "OMG. Insane trip. Everything was so amazing. We just left the boat and are at the airport reminiscing how fantastic this week was. The crew was incredible. We all felt so relaxed and pampered. The ship was perfection. It was so new and so beautiful- even more than I had thought from the photos. Our chef was so fantastic, we didn't want to miss too many meals in the boat. It was literally some of the best food we have ever had."


5. Sailing yacht Jongert ICARUS - 27 meters

6 passangers, 4 crew - From 50.000$/week - http://charteranddreams.com/v/Icarus.pdf

ICARUS is a yacht with aluminium hull and carbon rig that makes her sailing a pleasure for sea lovers.


6. Motoryacht Johnson GO - 29 meters

6 passangers, 4 crew - From 36.500$/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/302-yacht-charter-barcelona-Johnson-95

Excellent crew onboard, they make the difference and achieve a 5 stars service onboard GO.


7. Motoryacht Westport FOREVER CLARITY - 34 meters

8 passangers, 4 crew - From 49.000$/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/300-yacht-charter-barcelona-Westport-112

Thanks to the extensive refit done on 2013, FOREVER CLARITY looks as a new boat. Besides, she offers an extensive range of toys&tenders.


8. Sailing yacht Perini Navi ANTARA - 46 meters

10 passangers, 8 crew - From 105.000$/week - http://charteranddreams.com/v/Antara.pdf

46 meters of pure distinction. Equipped with the latest technology in navigation and a wide variety of watersports equipment.


9. Motoryacht Admiral ENTOURAGE - 47 meters

12 passengers, 7 crew - From 200.000$/week - http://www.charteranddreams.com/303-yacht-charter-barcelona-Admiral-154

Awesome yacht new from 2014 and equipped with gym, turk bath, beach and lots of tender&toys.


10. Motoryacht Campanella MARY JEAN -  50 meters

12 passengers, 12 crew - From 160.000$/week - http://charteranddreams.com/v/Mary_Jean.pdf

MARY JEAN and her crew have a long experience on charter so this is why they achieve that any charter always end in a great experience.

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