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New yacht charter destinations for 2023!

We want to introduce three new future sestinatios for 2023

Sierra Leone:

Charter a yacht to discover a destination that combines beautiful beaches and nature... we are talking about Sierra Leone, an expanding country that after post-civil war expects to restore the good reputation of its sublime beaches.

One of its main attractions besides its beaches is the chance to visit protected areas of tropical jungle where we will be able to find elephants, colobus monkeys, leopards and chimpanzees. In some places the forest meets the sea and it will be a privilege to enjoy the landscape from your charter yacht.


Discovering the Iranian waters from our charter yacht it will be one of the star destinies in 2023. Iran is today a destination that it seems complicated but in the future it will offer a big range of possibilities, both for navigation and for visiting, as it’s one of the locations with more cultural places declared by UNESCO.

The Persian Gulf has a history of recognized successes. Qatar is one of the largest centres in the world of super yachts and Abu Dhabi, thanks to the Grand Prix of F1, is now synonymous of luxury yachts.

Kamchatka (Russia):

A singular destination... while the polar extremes are undeniably splendid, the  province of Kamchatka in Russia is a volcanic peninsula protected by UNESCO, land of fire and ice that can offer us lots of options.

Offshore the peninsula descends a full about 10 km under the Pacific Ocean. As in northern Patagonia, in Kamchatka we will find wildlife, whales and sea lions. Even at the appropriate time, from our charter yacht we would be able to follow the migration of the humpback blue whale. An exceptional destination for adventure and wildlife lovers.