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Discover Komodo Islands on board of Adeelar

Komodo is one of the ideals destinies for who wants sun and beach in Christmas

Komodo Islands are one of the most popular destinations in the south east of Asia to enjoy exotic trips. The Komodo dragons are its main touristic attraction. Also, the paradisiac islands, it's fantastic fauna and the amazing sunsets, makes this an ideal destination for chartering luxurious yachts.

An available charter during all year

Its geographical situation gives the Komodo Islands an ideal climate for charter during any time of the year. It's specially recommendable for who wants sun and beach during its Christmas holidays. Your yacht will allow you to move with total comfort between the islands forming this archipelago. Bali port or Labuhanbajo are the ideal beginnings to sail on this coast. They are some of the closest towns centres to Komodo and, have airport. In one of these ports you will find Adeelar, a classic gulet of 38 meters of length refitted for your total comfort. Built in 1902, this boat had a complete refit during six months in 2011 to become a perfect charter boat, maintaining her classic ideals. With a capacity of 8 guests in 4 double cabins in suite, and an exclusive service of a 10 people crew, makes this the ideal yacht to discover all the charms of the Komodo islands.

National park of Komodo, formed by the volcanic islands of Komodo, Gili Montang, Rinca, Nusa Kode and Padar, is a must see during your charter with your luxurious yacht. With a total surface of more than 1.000 square kilometres, you will be able to find and admire the famous and incredibles dragons of Komodo, the biggest lizards of the world with three meters of length and a running speed of 20 kilometres per hour. In 1991, this park was declared World Heritage by the UNESCO and in 2011 was chosen as one of the seven world wonders. In this park, you can also admire a wide variety of birds species, water buffalos or monkeys. The tour is divided in three distances, and the longest takes a little more than one hour.

The marine bottoms and it's incredible fauna is another of the biggest attractions of Komodo, especially for scuba diving lovers. Considered one of the best scuba diving spots of all Indonesia, and the experience of swimming with manta rays is very recommendable. In Manta Point, located at the south east of the national park of Komodo, you will have this opportunity. They are inoffensive animals unless you enter in their private space. Bring with you a subaquatic camera will give you the option of taking pictures of your experience with high quality. Besides the maritime fauna, this place is also rich of coral delicately covering the rocks of the bottom of the sea.

Take advantage of the privileged position on your luxurious yacht

The surroundings of the national park of Komodo are formed by numerous paradisiac islands with bays of white sand and turquoise water, ideals to enjoy with your yacht. One of the biggest examples is the island of Kanawa, where you will find privacy and comfort. You will be able to relax, sunbathe or swim. Its incredible landscapes are the perfect excuse to enjoy of a good meal on board cooked by your personal chef, and perfect for another snorkeling excursion.

The islands of Seraya and Tukohbele give the possibility to admire a lot of dolphins, and other marine species. The ideal scenery to enjoy with your tender! Take a closer look at the dolphins and explore the cliffs where multiple species of birds only available in this habitat mad themselves home. The majority of the Komodo islands are volcanic. Sangeang Island gives spectacular views from your boat due to the combination of colours result of mixing the ash of the crater and the sunset.

If you were left wanting more scuba diving, Gili Lawa islands, located at the north of the coast of Komodo, are ideal for it. The bottom of the sea of Gili Lawa offers more than 5 spots of scuba diving with plenty of marine fauna, available for all levels including the beginners. Moreover, multiple paradisiac bays perfect for anchoring your yacht and relaxing with total privacy.

Luxury and comfort in Komodo

The sunsets of Komodo are some of the best worldwide. And your yacht will gives you the opportunity to admire them from a privileged position. Enjoy a special night on board of your schooner with total comfort. If you are looking for something different, in Labuhanbajo you will find Paradise Bar, a beach club with terrace located only at 10 minutes from the centre of the city and ideal for enjoying a cool cocktail while admiring the sunset.

The turquoise water is also a characteristic of  Moyo Islands. Like the other islands, it's sea bottom has amazing coral reefs and a great variety vegetations and animals. The local authorities are very serious with the protection of the species of the area. Visiting the natural reserve with its waterfalls, monkeys and other animals is one of the favourite activities of the visitors. At the same time, you can relax and enjoy a good dinner in Amanwana resort with direct views to Flores Sea and its spectacular sunset.

Pink Beach is strongly recommended in Komodo. Because of the many corals you find in this areas surface, the sand of this bay becomes rosier. A beautiful colour matching perfectly the sunset sceneries . It is not a common feature and only a few bays of the world have the chance to have pink beaches and only Formentera, some beaches of the Caribbean, Sardinia and Crete are some of the rare places that can boast about that.

The comfort on board of Adeelar, the amazing charms of the sea bottom and the fantastic sunsets are only some reasons why Komodo is the ideal exotic destination for chartering a luxurious yachts.