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Pontine Islands

      The Pontine Islands are defined by their close proximity to one another, allowing for perfect island-hopping cruising, the turquoise waters, and their seducing beaches.

Beginning from the Chiaia de Luna, the Half-Moon Bay, which is locally considered the most beautiful beach in the entire Mediterranean. This bay is only accessible on land by trekking through carved out Roman Tunnels located in the rocky cliffs. Although, the best way to visit this beach is by yacht. Dive off-board to swim in some of its private coves or layout in one of their many powder sand beaches. Also known as the party island of the bunch, you can dine on board by the cuisine prepared by your private chef and head off board to the town to dance the night away with the locals.

Unspoiled, the small island of Zannone is located just a short cruise away from Ponza.  Completely uninhabited, you can enjoy some trekking to the top of Mount Pellegrino, the highest point or discover Benedictine ruins. Stopping off at the tiny island of Gavi for a refreshing dip in the dazzling sea.

For a rare chance of solitude, a day trip to Palmarola, which is delightfully named after the dwarf palms that grow on the island. Palmarola is natural in all forms, with a craggy scenery and rugged coastline finished with a crystal clear waters, perfect for diving in and enjoying the warmth of the sun. Continuing East, you will be greeted by the tiny volcanic island of Ventotene. With two lovely beaches, Cala Rossano and Cala Nave, the inland is decorated in small homes which tower high above the coastline.

Only a mile from the island of Ventotene is the smallest of all the island and equally volcanic, Santo Stefano. This uninhabited island has not been occupied since the Romans and is now a haven for snorkeling and diving amongst the many species of fish that swim throughout this area. A stark difference of experience from the vibrant city of Naples, the islands give you the laid back feeling and relaxation you seek on a luxury yacht charter holiday.

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