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Naples and Amalfi Coast

     “Vedi Napoli, e poi muori”, before you die, you must experience the beauty of Naples. Located on the west coast of Italy, Naples is the capital of renaissance art, vibrant in history, culture and history. An intoxicating city, Naples uniquely balances the old and the new, with a modern edge with their retail areas such as Via Chiaia along with the more and their artistic history in their many museums and street art.
Intoxicating, Naples is also highly recognized for their gastronomy. The homeland of Pizza, Naples takes the craft of pizza making to another level. It’s difficult to decide where has the best pizza in Naples, but a stroll down some of their small streets, you will be sure to find one that is perfect. Also home to some of the most charming coffee bars, coffee lovers will be absolutely enthralled with the aroma of roasted beans pouring down the street. Cruising the coast of Naples on your private luxury charter yacht, you can watch the sunset down over the city which delicately reflects off the rustic colored buildings, appearing to be glowing.

The Amalfi Coast is a UNESCO World Heritage site, which is understandable once you step off board. Stunning, this coastal scenery is draped in fascinating mountain top towns of citrus colored buildings, little winding roads that lead you from one small town to the next complete with lemon tree groves. The smiling locals will great you with a wave and a Ciao as you continue to explore this fascinating site. All along the fascinating coastline with secret coves and shorelines that boasts luxury resorts and world renowned restaurants, the Amalfi Coast is a picture perfect destination to have a luxury yacht charter vacation.  all edging the sparkling sea is enough to cement this area into travel folklore as one of the most beautiful regions to charter a yacht.

Yachts available in Naples and Amalfi Coast