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Dodecanese Islands

     The name Dodecanese literally means Dodeca (12) nisia (islands). These spectacular dozen are home to some of the most spectacular destinations in all of Greece. The 12 islands in the chain are in the northeast Aegean and are in perfect proximity to one another, allowing for a fascinating island hopping experience.

Rhodes island began as a wealthy trading and fishing port which has gained a lot of attention recently for their beauty. With an exhilarating old town, great nightlife and fantastic beaches, you will truly get the feel of the vibrancy of these islands. Kos will surprise you with its Italian architecture in Kos Town and Roman ruins to be found around the island. Historically rich, you can feel the influence of the past of these islands here in Kos. Off the beaten track, Kalymnos has a very laid back vibe, with beautiful beaches that feel as if they are private, you will not have to deal with so many people here. Patmos is one of the most beautiful beaches in these chains. Without an airport, a yacht is a perfect way to explore this quiet island chain. Discover their coves and dive into their crystal waters as you become emerged in the serenity that this island provides. Leros is decorated in tiny little coves that are perfect to anchor at. Hop off board to discover the local gastronomy of Pandelli, which is favored amongst the tourists.  The grand island of Nisyros welcomes you with its steaming volcanic presence. The most fertile of all the islands and one of the quietest of the bunch, you can take a hike through the lush lands and explore what this spectacular island has in store for you. Tilos is a tiny island between Rhodes and Kos, which has just under 100 inhabitants. ALmost deserted, you will have the chance to indulge in what feels like your own private island. Cruise over to Symi, the capital island, which is popular in the yachting world and is decorated in some of the most fantastic restaurants in all of Greece. Chalki can be described as a limestone rock that is a quiet little island full of just about a few hundred friendly inhabitants. A perfect spot to go swimming and snorkeling, dive off-board to take in the views. Last but not least, Karpathos is an island that can only be described as dramatic. With a mountainous north and tiny villages perched up high in the clouds, this island is stunning. A truly picturesque landscape, you can delight in all its wonder off-board with hiking and exploring the nearby towns or just taking in all its beauty on board by its fascinating lush coastline.

Yachts available in Dodecanese Islands