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      Corsica is one of the most geographically diverse destinations in the world. Ranging from the vibrant coast, chic beaches and mountainous countrysides, the island offers a range of indulgence. The french island stands out as a fantastic yachting destination due to its spectacular coastline. From the turquoise waters, the views of the towering rocky ridges, villages perched on the hilltop, and mountainous natural splendor are absolutely indescribable.

Differing from mainland France in various ways including the language, the culture, the wine and the natural beauty – is exactly what makes Corsica so unique. The hint of influences of both French and Italian cultures can be found in the cuisine and architecture, creating a unique blend of class and charm.  

A holiday in Corsica aims to please, with activities ranging from snorkelling on the bay to hiking the valleys and visiting the quaint villages in the mountains all in one day. Dip into the warm crystal clear waters of Calvi and Loto in the north and Palombaggia and Pinarello in the south. If you’re fond of diving or snorkeling, you’ll be pleased to know there is a whole new world to discover undersea rich in vibrant flora and fauna.

Head south to the southernmost point of the islands and anchor off the breathtaking protected natural area of Bonifacio. This seducing destination is one of the oldest cities in Corsica and one of the most picturesque villages in the mediterranean. An ancient fortress town jutting out from the coast in layers of rocky structures, is unlike anything else seen on the island.

Below the towering mountains of Corsica, connected by steep footpaths and a single winding road, you will find the the port of Corsica. An eclectic mix of modern and ancient, with its contemporary marina studded with restaurants, bar, and nightlife, this is one of the most fascinating port areas in all of Europe. If you wish for a more rustic experience, head inland to one of the various wine estates and wander down the narrow cobblestone streets to uncover local villas. Taking in the stunning views of the sparkling turquoise seas, a quaint cafe, or sipping local wine amongst locals is one of the many reasons why Corsica is a dream destination.

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