Boats for incentive programs

Boats for incentive programs

incentive trip for managers, annual meetings or seminars

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If you are thinking of organizing an incentive trip for your managers, the annual meeting of your shareholders or partners, a seminar... we propose you a wide range of possibilities in different destinations.

Whether in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, we suggest you to enjoy a cruise ship where the only guests are your company staff. From 50 to 300 passengers, the service offered by the crew will be based on attention to detail. With the possibility of visiting mythic places and small ports only accessible by private yachts, your stay with Charter&Dreams will be a unique experience.

The strength point of the realization of corporate events aboard a boat is the proactivity towards integration and inter-relationship of the working group, the break of the restricted protocols and the easiness of creating a relaxed atmosphere where guests will not desire to end the day.

In conclusion, you only have to worry about telling us in which vessel you want to carry out your corporate charter, and Charter&Dreams will look after all the details to make it a success.

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